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Ministry Opportunities



Contact:  Frank Stanley

 Evangelism classes are offered at various times through the year

  • Evangelism Visitation- Visiting those who are new in our church, willing to answer questions about our church and share your faith in Christ
  • Follow-up program with new believers (5 sessions where you meet weekly)

Service Ministries  

Contact:  Ted Myers

  • Ushers for 8:00 am, 9:30 am, 11:00 am services
  • Communion Preparation (set up or clean up for Communion Sunday)

Congregational Care Ministries

Contact:  Dave Ernst

  • Meals on Wheels - Be willing to prepare a meal and deliver to someone who may have just been discharged from the hospital or some other circumstances in their routine
  • Assisting with Cancer Care Ministry
  • Absentee Ministry - Call those who have been absent from the worship services using a list provided by the church office
  • Would be willing to give someone a ride to church or other appointments when needed

Outside Ministries  

Contact:  Chris Olson

  • Jail Visitation (men and women)
  • Food Kitchen
  • Nursing Home Services 


Contact:  Gary Reynolds

Get involved with missions by:

  • Sitting on the missions committee
  • Sending correspondence to missionaries in the field
  • Help with our annual Missions Conference
  • Participate in a Grace missions trip

Fellowship Committee  

Contact:  Mike Yuille

You can get involved in church fellowship by serving in the following areas:

  • Planning Committee
  • Server
  • Activity Helper
  • Hospitality (set up for receptions/picnics/dinners)
  • Coffee Coordinator (set up coffee for Sunday Services)

Christian Education

Contact: Ken Maxey

  • Adult Teacher
  • G3 Group - participate or host in your home
  • Men’s Discipleship (one-on-one or small group) - Lead group or Participate
  • Coordinate the men’s discipleship program
  • Women’s Discipleship (one-on-one or small group) - Lead group or Participate
  • Coordinate the women’s discipleship program

Children’s Ministry  

Contact:  Dan Blakely

  • High 5 Children’s Church Worker (Sunday morning and/or evening)
  • High 5 Children’s Sunday School Teacher
  • High 5 Kid’s Midweek Worker (Wednesday Mid-Week Services)
  • Vacation Bible School Worker
  • High 5 Summer Splash

Families Ministry

Contact:  Ken Maxey

  • "Little Treasures" Nursery Volunteer

College Age (Renewal) and Young Professional Adult

Contact:  Sean Killin

  • Care Package Coordinator


Contact: Phil Magana/ Jeremy Sharp

  • Musician
  • Vocalist
  • Sound Booth Operator 

Media Ministry

Contact:  Jeremy Sharp

  • Computer Operator
  • Video Operator
  • Video Announcer (periodically read video announcements when you are available, recorded 1:00 pm Wednesday, takes approximately 30 minutes)

Building, Grounds and Maintenance

Contact:  Gary Reynolds

  • Volunteer Cleaner (clean assigned area of the building on a weekly basis for a season
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Lawn Care
  • Snow Removal

Staff Support  

Contact:  Becky Shellito

  • Office Staff Support (assist with answering phones/folding/bulletins/newsletter/mailings)

Movers & Shakers of Grace

Contact:  Dave Ernst

  • Movers & Shakers of Grace for those who will be 50 years of age this year & their spouse
  • Usually meet monthly for a pot luck meal and fellowship
  • Help with set up and clean up for the meetings
  • Plan outings and events
  • Drive van on outings


Contact: Dave Ernst

  • Singles of Grace over 40
  • Help set up and clean up for activities
  • Plan outings and events

Community Outreach Events

Contact: Tony Bryan

  • Help with fundraising/sponsorships
  • Serve on the Golf Committee
  • Serve on the Blood Drive Committee
  • Serve on Run Committee

Hands of Grace

Contact: Tom Richmond

  • Serve on the Hands of Grace Committee


Contact: Dave Ernst

  • Prayer Ministry (Friday morning/before services/Monthly prayer and fasting the first Thursday of every month)
  • Prayer Chain (pray for immediate needs and receive prayer needs over the phone)
  • Leading accoustic worship before monthly prayer and fasting the first Thursday of every month.

Youth Ministry

Contact: Nick Pierce

  • Home Group Leader
  • Home Group Home Host
  • Wednesday night ministry team leader
  • Student discipleship teacher (Sunday School)
  • Events Team
  • Transportation to student activities
  • Youth Counselor for Camp/Youth Rally

Hospitality Ministry

Contact: Joe Huber

  • Worship service greeters
  • Information center attendant
  • Sunday School greeters

 Adult Ministry

Contact:  Matt Wieners

  • Men's Fellowship
  • Women's Fellowship

Congregational Nurse Ministry

Contact: Nick Pierce

  • Serve as Congregational Nurse/Assistant
  • Present medical/health information to groups
  • Serve on Congregational Nurse Cabinet Team
  • Attend Congregational Nurse classes (RN only)
  • Set up Health Ministries team
  • Serve on Emergency Response team (Must be BLS certified)
  • Teach CPR classes, adult, child, infant