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High Five (Pre K - 6th Grade)

Crosswalk High Five

The Crosswalk has been designed as a city to demonstrate the uniqueness of God’s most special creation, His children.   Each of us has been given gifts and talents to serve our Creator, for His purpose. 

As believers we must be united in our efforts as a church body to win the world for Jesus.   By taking steps with Christ as our personal savior, together in our relationships with one another, the world may see and know Him. 

The Crosswalk incorporates many features aimed at instructing children, providing leadership opportunities, and welcoming the community into God’s neighborhood.  

We have many things planned for this coming school year at the Crosswalk for High Five Ministries.   We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.   We have listed several things in this month’s edition of the Newsletter to help keep you informed of all the things coming up around the corner.   Please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Dan regarding any of the information listed.  

 Crosswalk Service Schedule:

Sunday School services are offered to children at 8:00 and 11:00am.   Our Kids Church program is at 9:30am.  

High Five Children’s Ministry seeks to help children (Pre K through 6th grade) to understand who God is and his plan for them through their faith as believers.  

When children try to accomplish something that has taken a great deal of effort a high five to their open hand can mean a great deal.  It is a sign of recognition, encouragement and acceptance.   God is the eternal source of encouragement for us all.   God is the biggest giver of high fives that there could ever be.   His hands were held out on the cross, pierced for our transgressions, in love.

The goal of High Five Ministries is to reach the lost and build the saved through 5 Basic biblical principles represented by an outstretched Hand.

 Principle I:  God is the Savior for the world.   John 3:16-17

 Principle II:  God is our personal Savior and friend.  Matthew 22:37

 Principle III:  We are all special in God’s eyes.  Matthew 22:39

Principle IV: God and his word help us to make the right choices in life. Exodus 20:1-17

Principle V:   We need to share God’s Love with everyone    Matthew 28:19-20

We want children to know the following core truths revealed in scripture for each of us:

God Created You

God Loves You

God Has A Plan For You

God Has A Purpose For You

God Wants You To Live The Destiny He Has For You

  We emphasize the parent’s involvement in the ministry at all levels.   Please contact Pastor Dan Blakely at (816) 279-2090 or to find out more about Grace’s High Five ministry or how you may get involved.