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Truth About Trust

Truth About Trust

Oct 22, 2017

Passage: Revelation 20:1-10

Preacher: Jason Davis

Series: Revelation

Category: Sermons


Sermon Title: The Truth about Trust
Sermon Text: Revelation 20:1-10 (ESV)

( * = separate slide)

* The One Thing:
In the end, it all comes down to trust.

* Promises of God from our Text: (note: please put #’s 1-3 on one slide, bringing up each new point as I refer to them; also, I would like “4 Promises” on one slide, and “3 Positions” on one slide – but these will both be under point #2, I’ll still have to refer to #3, which will then need to go back and be added to the original screen that had #’s 1 and 2.)
God promises to remove the influence of Satan. (vv.1-3)

God promises to bring His Kingdom and reward those who trust Him there. (vv.4-6)

*4 Promises for the Millennial Kingdom
i. The promise that all Israel would be saved – the New Covenant
ii. The promise that all Israel would regather to the Promised Land – the Land Covenant
iii. The promise that Abraham and Israel would own all the Promised Land – the Abrahamic Covenant
iv. The promise that David’s son would rule eternally – the Davidic Covenant

*3 Positions (offices) of Jesus:
i. Prophet – fulfilled while Jesus was on earth
ii. Priest – fulfilled now while Jesus is in heaven
iii. King – fulfilled in the future when Jesus rules the Kingdom

God promises to finally defeat all enemies against Him. (vv.7-10).

* Truths about Trust from our Text: (note: please put each of these up individually on the screen as I refer to them)
God’s promises are designed for us to trust.
Trusting God should be the easiest thing we do.
God has never given us a reason not to trust Him.
The problem of trusting God isn’t with God; it’s really with us.
God has the power to reward those who trust Him with eternal life.
God has the power to destroy those who reject Him and choose to remain His enemy.
Trust is the only way into the Kingdom.