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Pastor Dan Blakely: Morning Devotion 08/19/22

Friday, August 19, 2022

Strength for the journey

The quality of one’s life is often measured not by years but experiences.   Memories are archived in our minds eye and create a narrative, or history of where we have been and hope to be in life’s journey.     

Success or lack thereof in the realm of finances, vocational pursuits, career, family are often measured by our own level of expectation.

Unmet expectations can create a lack of satisfaction or longing for things to be different.   

Life for a Christian is one that is given a profound sense of direction and mission.   This mission many times runs counter to the culture and beliefs in the world that exist.   

Sinful practices and pursuits are contrary to the doctrine and teaching of God’s word.   A life seeking those things that run counter to God’s plan may appear to be rewarded during our life’s journey.  We may find ourselves questioning why those that choose to seek after things that run counter to God’s will and purpose appear to be met with success.   

Life for the Christian is a process.   A training ground.   Where we release the desires of our worldly flesh, our pride and will.   So that our spirit and mind may be renewed by the saving truth of God.   

In Psalm 73 we find a man named Asaph who was a musician and singer of David struggling with what he perceived some inequities of worldly living and the life of the believer.   He recorded his observations of how God showed his goodness to both the pure in heart and those he called boastful and wicked.   He was concerned how they would prosper in this life.   Admitting that what appeared on the surface of his valuation almost caused him to stumble in his walk.  

How many times as a Christian could we testify that on the surface it may appear the same to us in our walk of faith?

Asaph would detail his concerns involving the wicked in this portion of scripture.   He would even draw conclusions that the sinful life appeared in some instances to be the good life.   During his struggle that became great to him, Asaph records that he went to a place of sanctuary, the house of the Lord.   

This provided him the answers and strength he needed for his life’s journey.    For in this place of respite he understood the illusion of this life for the sinner.   The slippery slope they stand upon given the scope of eternity. 

Asaph was repentant after gaining back a proper perspective of God’s truth and justice.   In the last portion of Psalm 73 Asaph records a written picture of the Heavenly Hope he had in God.   One we get to share as believers.   

Asaph expressed a loving heart toward God and a longing for eternity.   In Psalm 73:26 we find Asaph record the following:    

 My flesh and my heart fail;
But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

In this section of scripture Asaph beautifully demonstrates the recognition of his weakness and God’s enduring strength.    

Today you may find yourself struggling with the comparison of your life to others.    You too may feel that things are unfair compared to your life’s experiences and journey with those around you.  

I encourage you to take heart.   To seek sanctuary with God.   Confess your struggle and place your trust in him.  He will provide an eternal perspective as he did for Asaph.  One that will give you strength for the journey today.  

Pastor Dan Blakely    

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