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Open Doors USA: Morning Devotion11/12/21

“Our Time To Shine”

Monday, August 30, 2021

“It shall be established forever like the moon, even like the faithful witness in the sky.” Psalms 89:37

The other day Pam told me that the moon was out.  It was in the middle of the afternoon on a clear day when the sun was still pretty high in the sky.  I went and had a look for myself and sure enough, the moon was high in the southern sky.  It really wasn’t very noticeable at all, unless you happened to look at that section of the sky, but there it was!  Psalm 89 refers to it as the “faithful witness in the sky”.  What an accurate description and wonderful picture of what you and I should be as believers of Jesus and as His representatives.

The moon is not really needed in the light of day……and yet there it is, always ready and waiting until it is needed……a faithful witness in the sky!  As the sun sets and the sky darkens, it increasingly becomes the moon’s time to shine, and it boldly reflects the light of the sun to a darkening earth.  

I think many of us today are much like the moon in the daylight……we are there if you happen to look our way, but easily go unnoticed most of the time.  If you can identify with the picture that I’m painting here, I want to encourage you to keep basking in the Son.  I believe that we are in a season of preparation.  As a church, we are focusing on prayer, and as Pastor Josh mentioned last week, we will add intense Bible reading beginning with the new year.

Perhaps we have dealt with more than a few “Lunar Eclipses” in our lives, where the world seems to get between us and the Son, clouding our vision and stunting our spiritual growth.  In this season of preparation, together let’s strive to experience more “Solar Eclipses” in our spiritual lives, where we are directly in alignment with the Son and the world becomes strangely dim in the light of His Glory and Grace.

In The Revelation, chapter 21 and verse 23, the New Jerusalem is talked about as being a city that has no need of the sun or the moon to shine in it because the glory of God will illuminate it.  That day is coming, but the fact is that the world we live in is currently darkening at a rapid pace, and as it darkens those who are reflecting God’s presence will become much more visible against the darkening landscape.  I truly believe that not only will we be more visible, but we will actually be sought out by those searching for light, for hope, for an encounter with the living God.   Will we be ready to light their way?

As we arrive at the end of August, and begin a new week, may we recommit ourselves completely to Jesus Christ and begin anew the process of perfectly aligning ourselves with Him.  May His light shine squarely on you now so that so that you’ll be found to be a faithful witness when it’s your time to shine!

Praying for You! 

Pastor Chris

Pastor Josh

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