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Ministry Teams

Sunday Service Teams

Greeting Team

  • (Commitment level: once or twice monthly)

The Greeter Team creates a positive first impression by welcoming, greeting, and encouraging each guest as they enter and exit our Church. This is a great way to meet new people. Greeters will need to arrive 20 minutes prior to service time to be briefed about any events or changes with the service, and for prayer for the service. 


  • (Commitment level: Rotating monthly schedule)

The usher’s role starts inside the double doors of the sanctuary.  Greet people as they enter and assist in seating.  Requires knowing in advance where open seating is available.  Arrive and be in your place 15 minutes before service.  Be inside the double doors assisting until music has ended.  You may be asked to return to the doors at the end to receive any offerings.

Welcome table

  • (Commitment level: once or twice monthly)

We need friendly people who can engage newcomers in brief but meaningful conversation that involves learning more about the visitor while helping them better understand who we are as Grace Calvary Chapel. This is a wonderful way to meet new people coming to our church. Volunteers will need to be at the table 15 minutes before and after their assigned service.

Information Table

  • (Commitment level: once or twice monthly)

This team helps attenders with their questions by providing resources and information about all church related events and services. Volunteers will need to arrive at the church approximately 20 minutes prior to service to be briefed about any upcoming events and to make sure tablets are set up for sign-ups.

Essential Areas Upkeep

  • (Commitment level: once or twice monthly)

This ministry needs volunteers to help with the upkeep of bathrooms, main hallways, kitchen and lobby areas before, during and after church service. This will require being present 15 minutes before and after your assigned service. Volunteers will address needs dealing with paper products, trash cans, spills, soap, as well as, notifying pastoral staff of running toilets, sinks, or similar issues.

Coffee Cart

  • (Commitment level: once or twice monthly

This area needs people to provide delicious specialty espresso beverages to bless the church and to foster fellowship among its members. The expectations and commitment for the “Barista” volunteer is serving 1-2 times a month, arriving 30 minutes prior to service to prep and dial in espresso, & helping restock items that are low in supply.


  • (Commitment level: once or twice monthly)

The main goal of the Creative team is to utilize our creative abilities for worship, in audio, video, graphic and any other creative medium to glorify God. This may include participating in our worship team, operating a camera, assisting in the broadcast room with different responsibilities, running sound or lights, as well as editing media for social media.  Expectations for creative team will vary for worship and Live Production, especially due to two services.

Through the Roof

  • (Commitment level: once a week or as scheduled)

(Background check paid for by the Church)

This Ministry seeks to help adults with special abilities to understand who God is and His plan for them through their faith as believers. Meeting take place during the Sunday School hour each week.  Leaders help assist participants with engaging in scheduled learning activities.

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