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Food Team

  • (Commitment level: varies, typically quarterly)

Many of the events Grace hosts involve serving some kind of food. We need volunteers who can assist in setting out and/or dishing out prepared foods. Also, we need volunteers who can make sure there is enough to drink with each event. This might involve making coffee, tea, lemonade, Kool-Aid, etc. along with keeping drink dispensers refilled. There may be occasions for preparing food. But for the most part the Food Team will be there to assist the assigned cook for that event.

Set Up & Take-Down

  • (Commitment level: Varies weekly / bi-monthly / quarterly)

The Set-Up & Take-Down Team helps transform spaces for Grace Calvary Chapel (GCC) services to provide excellent environments where guests can experience God & fellowship with each other. Volunteers in this area will have opportunity to help with setting up chairs, tables, music stands, trash cans, etc. as various events take place. Examples of different occasions GCC has had this year include events such as: CCA Conference, Fall Fest, VBS, Good Friday, New Year’s Eve, etc. More involved volunteers can help with Sunday School / G3 room set up weekly.

Coffee Cart

  • (Commitment level: Varies according to events)

This area needs people to provide delicious specialty espresso beverages to bless the church and to foster fellowship among its members. “Barista” volunteers will be asked to serve at any of the various events where we have a gathering of people. They will need to arrive 30 minutes prior to the event to prep and dial in espresso, & helping restock items that are low in supply.

Audio & Visual

  • (Commitment level: Varies according to events)

With each event there is often a need for audio and visual support. Volunteers for this Team could be used to set up audio equipment, run a basic sound board and / or projector, as well as assist with PowerPoint, Pro-Presenter, etc.

Events Supervisor

  • (Commitment level: Varies monthly, approximately 3 hours a month)

Periodically we have events taking place at the church after office hours or during the weekends. We are looking to put together a Team of people who could be at the church to make sure doors are unlocked, A/C or Heat is turned on, resources are being used properly, or to provide resources that the church has, but are stored away. If interested, please indicate so by signing up today.

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