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Pastor Dan Blakely: Morning Devotion 01/28/22

In the Eye of the storm 

January 28, 2022

This past week I have been reminded often of the power and nature of God.   Psalm 23 is a wonderful portion of scripture familiar to many.   I have heard it read often in my life from the pulpit during sermons, spoken in prayer at the bedside of people experiencing hardship and at funerals.  It has brought great comfort to individuals in the trials of life.


It is believed that David wrote this scripture while he was king.    He would have experienced many things in his life by the point of time of its writing.   He was intimately acquainted with the role of a shepherd having cared for sheep in his youth.


In present times we understand the role of Jesus being our good shepherd.  Here we find the Lord being given this title before his son was sent to earth.


The attributes of God in this scripture points to a Lord that provides for our needs, guides us in safe keeping, provides restoration, protection, comfort and hope.

Perhaps you have found yourself the recipient of one or more of the items listed above.  If you live life long enough and make your journey with Christ, you too will become familiar with them.


Christian music artist Ryan Stevenson personalizes psalm 23 at the conclusion of his song “Eye of the Storm” through the following lyrics:


The Lord is my Shepherd
I have all that I need
He lets me rest in green meadows
He leads me beside peaceful streams
He renews my strength
He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to His Name
Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid
For You are close beside me


Ryan does a wonderful job using his personalized expression of psalm 23 as a summative declaration related to the storms of life portrayed within the song.

One of my favorite truths portrayed within Psalm 23 is God’s presence.  His level of involvement in our lives.  In our journey, He is with us.


The power of God’s presence in our lives is of great value.   To know despite whatever is faced he is near is a foundational strength of the relationship offered to every person.   For the believer it helps provide perspective, build courage, strengthen faith, and offers encouragement.


May you consider the wonderful truth of God’s presence in your life today.   At this very moment.   I encourage you to read Psalm 23 and consider his role in your life.  may we express our gratitude for his presence and care.


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